Episode V: The return of..   Leave a comment

some things i hoped not to have to see..but expect anyways ;)

This is sort of a sequel to A Legacy. Some problems one can expect in WAR which aren’t so different from WoW:

Ganking at Open RvR servers.

As there are many people there are always some who think that this is fun..If you choose to play on such servers you must face this fact. If this enough to ruin an evening, make you angry.. You’ll better play on a different server.

RP-servers are (at least at the beginning) only slightly different from Core Servers.

Many folks will play on a RP server just because they expect a more mature population there. They don’t seek RP and most likely will not RP when confronted with RP. Most likely this will sort out after some months and some RP servers will get known for RP and others not. I hope that i don’t see some RP servers where some people play sort of the Spanish inquisition(tm) in search for non-RP behaviour on RP servers. ;)

Problem with specific rule-set servers

First of a PRO and a CON for the rule-sets.

A definite PRO for specific rule-sets is that you roughly know what you can expect. So you are probably prepared for that server; e.g. ganking at Open RvR or some drunken dwarf. (Though i’m not sure if this is RP server specific. Maybe i should have chosen a different example ;) )

A Con:

In a MMO you want to play with friends, family, … and discover some new friends. There is just one logistical problem. What server to choose? Core, Open RvR, RP? So you choose an RP-Core server because that sounds like fun (and at least the Core Server is that servertype for which the game is designed) but your friend is more of min/max/RvR killing machine and wants to play Open RvR. There is no way to play together. Even Open RvR RP-servers won’t do that. So this different rulesets end in the situation one knows from WoW. Even when playing the same game you can’t play with your friends.

I like the different ruleset servers, but as i want to play with my friends right now i have to rethink where to play .. Just like i had to when beginning with WoW.

And as the NDA will be lifted tommorrow, this might be the last one in this series, though i have still some points on the list. Maybe Episode VI or just silence because i will listen to ChaosCast? We will see and time will tell…As long Chrono Chaos isn’t involved. ;)

Posted August 18, 2008 by Karic in Community, General, WAR

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