A Legacy   Leave a comment

.. and a conflict.

As the forums are all about Beta and the NDA i’ll write down some general thoughts.

So.. Legacy and conflict. This time i’ll do the inevitable talk about World of Warcraft in comparison to Warhammer Online. Why do i do it? Let me explain it to you..

World of Warcraft did many good things for the MMO community as it opened the market (just to mention one thing). That’s often said. On the other hand it restricted it. People got used to several game mechanics and don’t want to miss them. So every new game in that genre has to feed those expectations to some extent.

For many people the UI layout and the early beta screenshots were enough to say, that WAR is a WoW-clone. Tab-targeting encouraged this view even more. As one can easily see, this changed during the last weeks drastically so i don’t have to talk about this any further.

In terms of game mechanics the differences are even more evident. To me WAR is mostly about large scale RvR fights and small group PvE content. In all areas it’s designed to allow a quick in and a quick out for players. Accessibility …this is my keyword for WAR’s general layout. The focus is of course on the RvR stuff because this is not done good in any game except Mythic’s own DAoC.

So what is the core mechanic behind WoW? Of course the raid-content.. It has to do with much planing from raid-leaders and gives the players a tight schedule when to fight where. This is obvious..Why do i mention it? I already read some complains that WAR is missing this content. Is there any need for large scale raid content except keep sieges and king fights other than just because people are used to it?

I don’t think so.. With release of WotLK, raid-guilds would rather not switch to WAR just because of raid content. They have their high-level, good equipped characters already..why should they give up all this? That content would make it also hard to balance the game as it would mess up the game design. As anyone can see at the WoW PvP-system.. changes on top of a ready game design don’t do well in most of the time. So patching that raid-content to the running game bears it’s dangers.

WAR is build around RvR and as you always have the choice between PvE and PvP/RvR everything contributes to the war-effort and most of the time both types of gameplay are mixed. I don’t think that 4-5 hour/day raid-content would fit in there.

Is WAR aiming for some current WoW players? Definitely .. Is it aiming for all WoW players? Definitely not. It has a strong buildup which will appeal to many players..but not all. It makes the game unique enough to sell good and be not too specific just to be liked by a small part of the MMO gamers.

..and now..back to your beta-center. ;)


Posted August 16, 2008 by Karic in General

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