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As the forums are currently boring it’s time for some theorycrafting ;)

At the Warhammer Herald the guild standards were explained in some detail and i stumbled upon a question I’m always asking me when it gets to “Keep claim”-issues.

Afaik the guild that kills the “Keep lord” and plants it’s standard in the keep claims it and it’s colors hang there. So far so good, but what if more than one guild is involved? In the last production podcast they exclaimed how good the changes to one capital city are, because it sort of unifies the realm. (Which is on my list for discussion… but not now) What happens now if two relatively small guilds attack a keep and get to the point to claim it? As keep capture provides guild XP this is not only a question about politeness. It’s a question about progression of the guild.

Mythic invented a mechanism for discussion and arguing. For the Greenskins it doesn’t matter, because they always fight and when there is no one near they fight against each other.  ;) In terms of Realm Pride(tm) i think this mechanism might cause some problems and disharmony, at least in the beginning as long as the guilds are not at max guild-level.

I’m curious how this will effect the Alliances in the realm and the feeling of being a community and working together.

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