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As the forums are currently boring it’s time for some theorycrafting ;)

At the Warhammer Herald the guild standards were explained in some detail and i stumbled upon a question I’m always asking me when it gets to “Keep claim”-issues.

Afaik the guild that kills the “Keep lord” and plants it’s standard in the keep claims it and it’s colors hang there. So far so good, but what if more than one guild is involved? In the last production podcast they exclaimed how good the changes to one capital city are, because it sort of unifies the realm. (Which is on my list for discussion… but not now) What happens now if two relatively small guilds attack a keep and get to the point to claim it? As keep capture provides guild XP this is not only a question about politeness. It’s a question about progression of the guild.

Mythic invented a mechanism for discussion and arguing. For the Greenskins it doesn’t matter, because they always fight and when there is no one near they fight against each other.  ;) In terms of Realm Pride(tm) i think this mechanism might cause some problems and disharmony, at least in the beginning as long as the guilds are not at max guild-level.

I’m curious how this will effect the Alliances in the realm and the feeling of being a community and working together.


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Iain C from GOA posted today at WHA forums:

A couple of things to bear in mind. The information you are looking for is, for the most part, going to be major announcements that will be co-ordinated along with Mythic – stuff like open beta start dates, headstart info etc. We can’t give you that info until it’s time to release it. It’s all big news and we need to make sure that it’s handled properly.

We aren’t hiding anything, we’re not hoping you’ll forget. Quite the opposite, we want everyone to stay excited about WAR and to build up to the final launch day frenzy. We’ve already told you that the EU pre-order program will be starting on the 28th August and that there will be more details on that when it launches. We’ve also made it very clear that the account pages will be ready in plenty of time for the open beta start and that our schedule is going to be identical to Mythic’s in that regard.

I know you’re all waiting anxiously for info and it will come but for now, please trust me when I say there is nothing to get worried about. There are a lot of exciting announcements lined up for the next couple of weeks and all of your concerns will be answered in plenty of time.

Iain ‘Requiel’ Compton – English Community Manager
European Warhammer: Age of Reckoning team

So actually it’s still no solid news, but to me the date 28th August is new. The pre-order program starts at this date, so this is at least the date for OB.

I’m quiet happy even with this little information, also i wished there were more infos about the timetable. The only problem is that it’s not clear what SE and CE pre-orders exactly get. We’ll have to wait at least 2 more weeks for it, but personally i think that the announcement will be before 28th August.

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Lives of Mobs. (SLoM)

For those who don’t know what it is.. It’s a really cool Warhammer Online based web comic, but as the site is being hacked it is atm down for rebuild. Just wanted to thank Rory for his great work and time he put in it. Hope we see SLoM soon again!

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