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It’s a strange time.. After the hectic time which started with the announcements of career and city cuts and the following discussion about pre-orders, now the forums change and are relatively silent. Many people in the states get in the CB and have their attention drawn to the game itself and not the forums. So most of the time i read now discussions what class is OP, should be chosen, … or whining about GOA.

I also complained last week about GOA. What i don’t really get is the “stamina” of those posters who complain about GOA. I think that it’s normal at first to argue about the feeling of being dealt unfair when other customers get more for the same product (e.g. in this case the CB for CE pre-order customers in the US), but that can’t last that long.

Looking what GOA is doing there are just three things one can complain about. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • The outdated (flash) web page
  • The rare information they are spreading out
  • Different treatment for customers in EU and US

The first point can’t be discussed, because it’s just a fact. As i talked with a guild-mate from WoW about Warhammer he just said, that he doesn’t saw much info about the game. I directed him to the US page for information and a better page design.

The second point is somehow connected to the third one. GOA can’t put out any game info before Mythic is doing it, because Mythic is the developer. So it’s quiet normal that they don’t appear so much at the boards like Mythic (i.e. Marc Jacobs) is doing. It’s not necessary to double the information posted. (Long live the interWAAAGH) Buuuut.. as i like it that Iain C is appearing now more often at the boards (at least from my point of view), i dislike it that the information is often so thin. It would keep the crowd much more calmer if things would be clearly spoken out, e.g. dates/timelines of certain events.

On the other hand… As one can see at the discussions about the WAR-EU web page downtime this week (look at TTH or VN..doesn’t really matter) that people seem not to read the posts from Iain. He never exclaimed that there will be any changes to the content of the web page and still many people complained about GOA for not changing anything after the site is up now again.

This leads me to the combination with the point three… Different treatment. Well actually, the only difference between EU and US customers is that CE pre-orders don’t get into CB and as OB will start in a few weeks, i don’t really see any problem there. Some people seem to confuse Beta with “free-playing-time”. It’s part of the development and it’s more important to give good feedback to the dev’s than to get the highest renown rank! The OB is only a little bit different as it is in my opinion more of a server test for large scale stuff. So it’s more of a stress test and optimizing rather then creating. It’s more a game than content development stage.

Nevertheless some say, that they are treated badly by GOA and Mythic should drop GOA and let e.g. EA do the marketing/distribution in EU. What they’ve all forgot is that Mythic is partly the reason behind that different treatment. They didn’t communicate their plans to their partner GOA. They let all the people complain about GOA without making it clear that GOA didn’t knew about it. So Mythic divided the community in some sort of way. The US customers are now quiet because they got a “bonus” to their promised CE stuff and the EU part is frustrated because they feel mistreated by GOA (no big complains about Mythic as far as i saw).

To me it’s tiring to see those people stay in the complain, whine, accuse, etc.. mood and rant all the time about GOA without any real justification for it. GOA as well as Mythic has not done everything perfect until now but it’s still no reason to complain so much about them as it’s done at the moment. I think that it’s just because the release is so close and many things happen now so that the information doesn’t always get to the right address at the right time and this leads to misunderstanding/frustration … It’s time to calm down, relax ..maybe read good book and enjoy the game when it’s done.

Looking at this’s significantly longer than planned. ;)

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  1. Yea, the EU site sucks. Think we can all agree on that. But the information taken from the US site shouldn’t take more than a day – tops – before appearing on the EU site. If you compare the WoW sites, most of the information is released within hours of each other, but they have years of practice, so I can be forgiving.

    But where is the Realm War, the Herald, and the big news like the release date? They seem to have dropped all interest in updating the site and are just posting small news texts.

    It’s not just the site that’s the issue. You mentioned the differences in the CE, but it’s also differences in the entire pre-order thing. While the US have got all the information on the standard edition pre-orders and it’s features, the EU got nothing. So far we don’ even know if EU will get any of the promised features like preview weekend, open beta or head start. So yea, it’s a bit annoying.

    It seems like Mythic promise stuff for everyone, and GOA shake their heads and mumble that they promised nothing.

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