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10 reasons why to choose a Greenskin   1 comment

This list was compiled by Inomi (my GF ;) ) and me..and is only a small list of reasons as all of you know that there are several hundreds of reasons for playing a Greenskin.

10. The challenge: As Kermit sings: It’s not easy being green…

9. There is no better way to stun a stunty

8. They’ve got high hopes.. we’ve got high flying goblins!

7. Spores rule sperm!

6. We’ve got the biggest…..tank

5. Nobody wants to pet your pet.

4. Gork’n’Mork rhyme and nothing goes with Sigmar.

3. Because you have never have to worry if you are good in bed.

2. No one wants to borrow your toothbrush.

and the number one is.. *drum-roll*



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