Da keep siege again..   Leave a comment

You’ve roasted some elf and it was delicious?

Fine! But to do during a keep defense? Well.. Elves are multipurpose food. ;)

Today on the list:

Recipe: Deep fried Elf ears

Preparation: Take those elves you needed for the grill and cut of the ears. Use some sun flower oil and heat it up. If you have no sun flower oil to hand then the oil you are supposed to pour on the keep attackers will do. If the oil is hot than throw the Elf ears into it and deep fry it for 2 minutes. Fish it out with some handy tool or force some slave/prisoner to get it out without any tool. Depends on your kind of humor.  So you don’t have a good snack for keep sieges but also some home entertainment during halted sieges. After the ears are ready just spice them with some salt.

Preparation time: 2 minutes + 1 minute for cutting the ears of the elf. Maybe add a minute if you want someone else to get out those ears.

Variations: You could add some other spices then just salt; e.g. Chili, vinegar..  Some people prefer the ears to have bread crumb coating.

Difficulty: Again a very easy dish. It’s intended to be a snack.

I planned to “release” this recipe later that week but i stumbled upon this and had to post the recipe now ;)

Posted August 11, 2008 by Karic in WAR

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