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Myth about RP   1 comment

It looks like there will be three server types available at start. Nothing officially announced yet but it’s a plausible choice. That choices are: Core, Open RvR and Roleplaying (RP). Most people know what this servers are all about, so i’ll describe them only very shortly.


That the server type for which the game was made. PvE Zone mix with contested ones. In higher tiers the PvE zones get less and RvR is getting more. You can flag yourself for PvP manually in PvE zones.

Open RvR

Like Core but you are always flagged for PvP.


It’s like a Core server, while encouraging role playing.

And that’s where i usually stop for a while.. From time to time i like to do some role-playing in games; not that heavy medieval talking kind of stuff but i play the character and not me.

The only thing you hear about a RP server is that it might be there and even that is not 100% confirmed. How will Mythic encourage RP?

Most likely it will end in a WoW-kind of rule-set; Naming policy and a little soft rules (e.g. channel talking behaviour) and that’s it. This didn’t prevent those “Legolas”, lol, RoxxoR, … things to happen.

I played in a guild were all non-direct conversation was done in character, the guild-channel allowed the exception that you mark off-character talk with (( . That was quiet fun as it allowed you /whispers and such to be off character without typing every time (( or such..and you didn’t intervene in other peoples role-play. But this was just a guild-intern workaround.

What can RP’ers expect from WAR to help their RP? As far as i see..nothing more then WoW offers and that is not much. Is it just because Mythic believes in the myth that RP’ers are not interested in RvR and prefer to /dance all the time? I hope not! I know of many RP’ers who like to PvP, but not all the time. RP is to me something like PvE and PvP ..Sometimes i like to do some questing, sometimes i want to engange other players chars on the battlefield. Sometimes i just wanna sit around and do some silly RP and sometimes i even mix those things ;) Raiding with no TS/Vent and all talk in character is not 100% effective..but fun! ;)

And at the end of the day.. Everything that matters in a game is that it’s fun!


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