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Wot to do durin’ a keep siege   2 comments

So.. it’s a cold night out there at the wastes and the siege is getting to a halt because the defenders are quiet good at defending the keep. What are you going to do then if you don’t want to get covered by boiling oil or tar? You sit at the war camp and make plans how you can trick those defenders.. and while you sit there you hear some rumbling noise. It’s not only cold but you also are hungry. Those fights are exhausting!

Here’s one tip what you can do.

Recipe for “Elf on a stick

Ingredients: Any elf will do. Salt, Pepper and Oregano.

Preparation: Feed the elf with Oregano. (If he’s already dead before the cooking then put the Oregano afterwards on the prepared elf). Season the elf  with salt and pepper and roast him. That’s all.

Preparation time: Depends.. Greenskins like it just kissed by the flame, almost raw in the middle. Chaos might want it more crispy. So it’s something from 5 minutes to half an hour.

Variations: There are nasty Greenskins who serve grilled Snotlings to this meal. Mushrooms and grilled meat are a good combination!

Difficulty: Beginner cooks can do this. It’s a fast meal for the battlefield. No great skill required.

Maybe this gets a series.. Interested in more cooking recipes? ;)


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