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Beach in Goa

Goa pronunciation (Konkani: गोंय /ɡɔ̃j/) is India’s smallest state in terms of area and the fourth smallest in terms of population.” (source: Wikipedia)

..wait..that’s the wrong information. It’s not totally wrong as Goa is also a territory in India, but all the European Warhammer Online fans know that GOA is the provider for, let’s be so kind and say, service for the game in Europe. The web page they provide is most of the time not worth the visit. The information there are most of the time out of date and even then it’s just the same stuff that was seen on the Amercian site from Mythic.

With recent announcements of the release the rumbling in the European community got louder. I for myself was quiet angry about GOA because since April i have the pre-order box of my CE in my desk drawer and can’t fill in the codes anywhere. They announced month ago that you can enter the codes when OB starts. Well.. still no sign of change at the web page.

But recently Ian from GOA posted at freddys house and i think at WHA too:

To be honest this announcement was a surprise to us as well and so we’ll need to talk to Mythic, our other partners and our various internal teams to see what is possible under the circumstances. The timetable we were working to appears to have changed dramatically so we’ll need to re-evaluate a lot of things and look at where our resources are at the moment.

So as the information policy of GOA can be discussed about, so can be the dealing of Mythic with their partner. This is a huge mistake to me how they handle the EU customers here. Mythic had some rough weeks lately and so they wanted to present the gamers some nice news .. not only the release date, but also the, for GOA more dramatically, invites to CE pre-order owners to the closed beta. And they don’t even discuss this internally. This is a logistic nightmare to handle roughly 60k accounts from some date in the future to nearly now.  Though GOA should have thought about it because the “date in the future” was most likely not thaaaat far away.

Saw a quote from Ian just at TenTon Hammer forums (i don’t have the source from it :( ):

Just to clarify a misconception that’s popped up a few times in this thread. The release date announcement wasn’t a surprise to us. The mud it was carved in for the past few months has been steadily solidifying and we have been working hard to get the EU side of things ready for that date for a while now. Mark’s announcement at the beginning of this thread regarding closed beta access for CE pre-orders and the other extra benefits is what caught us off guard. I should have made that clearer in my original response.

This means that the pre-order code issue is still purely GOA’s fault. About the Beta invites.. well imho both of them did not so well.

My feelings changed from quiet angry towards GOA to quiet angry about Mythic (which most of the US gamers will not understand without reading this post i think ;) ) back to angry towards GOA. Even if there would be no technical bumps (server lag, disconnects, etc..) already now the release is far away from smooth for me. GOA still doesn’t manages it to get a data bank for 60k accounts to at least see who has got an CE pre-ordered and strengthen the believe in the community that they can handle this game which will be bigger then DaoC. Mythic gets back to the state where they ignore the EU customers (or just GOA) and hope to get the things in the US managed.

So let’s hope that the problems concerning the EU pre-orders get solved really soon and we all can enjoy Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.


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I can see four to five dolphins   Leave a comment

Weeeheee.. up in the air.. A Doomdiver’s last words i think ;)

But looking down from here and counting the folks down there who fight each other i start to wonder..

There are many careers which are talked about.. but some careers are most of the time not discussed at all. I talk about the matchup Runepriest and Zealot. Some might say that there are other classes, but here and there i hear someone say, that they want to play e.g. a Blackorc or Chaos Magus (not much discussed either but still mentioned somewhere). So there are just those two healing classes who are imo left alone.

Afaik both the Runepriest and the Zealot share similar mechanics, i.e. healer with some nasty (de)buffs. So it’s not the dps-kind of Archmage/Shaman and the get-in-the-crowd melee Warrior Priest/Disciple of Khaine. Does that make the careers not interesting to play or are the players just happy with the layout of the class and think that there is no need for discussion?

The only explanation i have at hand for the Runepriest is that it’s a dwarf in a robe.. some would say dress. ;)

Maybe the people think that such careers are of no use in PvP fights as they are vulnerable (not much armor, like the WP and DoK) or don’t deliver enough damage (like the Archmage/Shaman). So why there are so few discussions about that class?

Are they just boring, underpowered/usless, perfectly fitting or is it just that the dwarf wears a robe?

If GOA manages to let me fill in my OB codes i will see.. ;)

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