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So.. as there were some calm days with no info from Mythic and Mark, it sounded like it will be until the end of the week until they will announce something. Wrong assumption there ;) Today it was getting all hectic on several fan sites because the release date for Warhammer Online was announced.(http://www.warhammeronline.com/pressreleases/20080805.php)

September..woohoo. That’s not so far away. There are many people out there who are happy that this is the case. As i’m a European goblin i went to the EU site and checked my profile. I just wanted to enter my codes i received with my CE pre-order box… several month ago. And still.. GOA doesn’t manage to give us european players the chance to put at least the open beta code in there. In fact until today it seemed that the EU Warhammer Online site was the last source for any new information.

Until today.. They were one of the first sites out there announcing the release date. Even before Mythic did it at warhammeronline.com . I’m surprised .. but i’m getting suspicious about that. It’s near release date and Mythic’s information policy starts to get weird. Some weeks ago they provided many informations regarding the game; controlled ones so that the hype will get more but anyways there was food for every interested person out there.

So why is it so? Especially Mark Jacobs got much beating at Warhammer Alliance forum after the announcement of the cuts regarding classes and capital cities. Is he just fed up by this or can one just account it to the hectic of a release? I’m not sure how the time schedule looks, but some month ago there were rumours about an open beta lasting at least one month. If this is the case i would like to put my OB codes somewhere..other than my desk drawer.

Anyways i will keep an eye on the information policy of Mythic (even if the NDA is dropped really soon).. It’s a sign for some ..bumps and not so smooth near-release time.

Posted August 6, 2008 by Karic in General

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