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Gimme more tactics in a scenario   10 comments

In the discussion about the PTS notes on (german) Wothor said something interesting:

Der Sinn von SCs sollte darin bestehen, sie zu gewinnen, und das möglichst schnell, nicht möglichst langsam.

I’ll translate it ;) “The purpose of a scenario should be to win it as a fast as possible, not as slow as possible.”

He’s 100% right. At the moment most of the scenarios..well..all.. are played as slow as possible. This leads to ignoring the objectives and spawn camping ..or getting spawn camped. The reason is quiet simple. You gain more points this way and those pixel hunters are happy this way. Of course there are also those grinding folks who don’t participate in a scenario if it can’t be won and Mythic is struggling at how they can bring those people to fighting.

So..let’s do a little gedankenexperiment (I love this word, not only because it’s german, but because I like german words in english sentences ;) ).

What would happen if there would be no renown and points awarded for killing players in a scenario, but a timer would count down and the faster you finish the scenario, the more renown and token you gain. Additional to that there are still points there to be reached and for more points your side gains, you get more renown. So the renown and token output is solely based on the scenario objectives. If you just want to mindlessly beat someone, there is still the RvR lake.

What should be the result? There is an incentive to finish the scenario fast, because those renown wh**** don’t want to camp at the spawn when there is nothing to be won other than just some officer medaillons or Annihilator gear (I always laugh, when a RR85+ enemy drops Annihilator ;) ). If it’s a close race, both sides are still rewarded for giving a good fight.

Would such a system work?

Karic (

Posted February 17, 2011 by Karic in Scenario, WAR


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