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GOA announced on the official web site  that they will stop the service for WAR and that Mythic will operate WAR now in the EU.

I knew that this would happen, but I’m still a little bit  “oh..”/shocked. I am not surprised that this happened as someone from my guild plays using game-time-cards and when he wanted to buy a new card he got the information that those cards aren’t produced any more. This was a good indicator that the publisher (GOA) will not offer service anymore in the near future.

I’m feeling somehow bad for the people at GOA, as it may cost some folks their their jobs, but overall I’m happy that the service changes. I was not happy with the reaction (times) of the CM’s, which often took days or was just handled by an automatic e-mail. Server performance was bad which may be caused by the location of the servers and not the server hardware itself.

So with EA/Mythic taking over I have the hope that their servers will perform better..

In the forums some people are not sure if the game will be localized any more, i.e. at least a German and a French localization. I’m sure that this versions will stay as Mythic was searching for German and French speaking CM’s on their Webpage, but we’ll have to see. GOA is working on a FAQ which will be released on enough time for the doomsayers to predict the ending of WAR. This may have been lessened if GOA would have put the FAQ out when they announced the end of the service..but well.. this just fits..

So lets see what the future brings..


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