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Well.. being on the underpopulated realm is not bad if your side manages to gather some troops and form some resistance. So it was done in the last couple of days/weeks..and though on some days destruction managed to attack Altdorf 2-3 times a day they didn’t manage to get into stage2. On some days we pushed them or at least have some decent fights, which was fun for both sides. Often enough it was just enough for destruction to form a random/pug zerg (with way more than 10 warbands) and roll over the order forces ..well sometimes it was just 2 warbands on order side (only getting up to 10 if it was announced that there is a push to IC being planned). All in all order is on average outnumbered 2.5 : 1  and Altdorf is constantly under attack, because of the population imbalance.

They got so often into the city that not only order got sick of defending it, but the higher ranked destruction players also boycott the city because it’s too laggy and not fun at all. I couldn’t care less now if Altdorf is being attacked.. It’s just no fun and the formerly proposed “living city” is just dead..

But there are still massive destruction troops out there who want to farm some tokens (because that is what defines fun for them) and because they have nothing better to do, they start night raids on Altdorf (most likely with no defenders, because most of the people I know sleep at 5 am ;)) … some even brag with being able to hit stage2 when they have no opposition.

Altdorf is now down to 1 star ranking because of this night-time raids and as I said.. I couldn’t care less. Defending is pointless at this stage of campaign/city design.. It’s not about loot I can’s just the fun aspect I am missing. How much fun is a constant 2h long Nordenwatch scenario with lag and bad layout supporting bombing groups?

I have some fun in the game and therefore subscribed again for 3 months, but the fun is not due to the city sieges, live events, etc… it’s just because running around with the alliance is fun.

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I’m not getting multi-MMO, but STO has still my attention ;)

I like this one..

A8: Many past Star Trek games have failed because the series’ pacifistic nature doesn’t always translate well into action-orientated videogames. Will there be the option to negotiate with hostile races in a diplomatic manner?

AV: Yes there will be diplomatic and non-combat missions for players to engage in. Whether you are transferring commodities, delivering supplies or investigating unknown space anomalies players who want to can find things to do that don’t involve their ship’s phaser arrays.

That being said 2409 is considerably less peaceful than when the shows and movies left the fans and the Federation is on the brink of all out war. So players should expect to see their fair share of enemy encounters.

Taken from an interview from with STO associate producer Andy Velasquez.

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I’ve not checked all the tasks for the Live Event Daemon Moon Rising, which begins today..but looking at the currently realm “balance” of 10+ warbands destruction (felt average over the day) vs. 3-5 warbands order (felt max in prime time) I don’t think that I will be able to complete the PQ at any reasonable time.

This just popped up in my mind as I saw the production podcast on the event.. There you have approx. 1 group fighting another group. It’s been a long time since I saw something like this in an RvR lake.

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Like the difference between more fun (comparison of city sieges before and past patch 1.3.1 ) and fun (anything besides a city siege)… ;)

Just a short one to sum up my feelings on the speeding up the campaign and bringing the fights to the cities. A constant Nordenwatch aka City siege or flag swapping is not fun to me. I don’t think that I’m alone with this. The only exception might be those who just seek equipment/point and not fights with actual enemies who force you to use some skills, but that’s just a guess. At least some of destruction on Drakenwald celebrated that they were able to get in stage 2 of the city … at 1am.

So when I log in later I will certainly see destruction just before the gates of Altdorf…again.. I think they get to the city something like twice a day. Every day it’s the same.. they start earlier than order and so when you log in you are always in defense and get steamrolled because they get at least twice the number of players together.

Yesterday I got a little bit frustrated, because all I could do in the 1 1/2h I had for gaming was to swap flags … That’s not RvR…

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